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Orange is the colour that represents confidence, determination, warmth, enthusiasm and energy. At Orange Auto, you can feel them. We got off to a flying start on September 22, 2004 as proud dealers of General Motors, with sales and service of Chevrolet cars. With customers at the core and service as our motto, we grew by leaps and bounds in the automobile industry all these years, the credit for which goes to each one of you out there. The success story of Orange Auto continues as we acquire dealerships of top brands like Honda, TATA, Kawasaki, Jeep and much more. Handling premium, mid-range car and bike segments all these years, we the Orange Auto Team have become accustomed to serving customers to their satisfaction. It is for this very purpose that we introduced a multi format sales and service network, which we keep fine tuning, to help us serve you better — which is why Orange Auto stands out among the rest. So the next time you think of cars and bikes, Orange Auto is where you should be at.


At Orange Auto, we believe in letting our work do all the talking. Throughout our journey of 17 years, we have a long list of satisfied customers, who are appreciative of our services. The personalised touch which the Orange Auto Team adds each time a customer walks in is what makes them vouch for us. As we strive to upgrade and transform ourselves with each passing day, we at Orange Auto continue to achieve new milestones.


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Orange Auto has everything you are looking for.


Orange Auto has everything you are looking for.

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